What the hell is that?


Today Yesterday I networked a RaspberryPi and my overpowered laptop over LAN via SAMBA and a Windoes Workgroup. All to move a budget.

Spreadsheets are fun!

Budgeting money actually is pretty cool when you get into it.

Just like anything else.

Such as networking.

I guess sometimes it is about the hardware too.


6 O’Clock


Every day is only what you make it; with enough work, any penny can shine.

Was my day successful? Who the fuck knows, were talking about 12/7/14, 6 hours later.

Did I get the greatest value possible out of those hours? Well cigs are for smoking right? The hedonism has treated you pretty well so far right? Just do whatever is most appealing in the moment, right? Cause life is about doing what makes you happiest. Right?

Well it got me this far.

Can one invest value to in the end receive more value? This would be a pretty good sticky in the forum of your brain. Put shit in, get shit out, right?

When’s the last time you were really in-the-moment? Listening to music? Call of Duty? At work?

As if.

It would definitely require an investment of thought, to function more efficiently at what is already a most robotic process.

Its all in the code; not the hardware.