I Swear I’m Not Crazy

Okay, so having made this blog a good… five minutes ago, I think it’s time to make a post. After all, I did make for just that purpose. Before I begin this crazy rambling that I am about to present to you, let me assure you that I am not crazy. I, Neil Loeffler solemnly swear that I am of sound body (ladies?), and mostly sound mind (it’s been a bit softened up, you do the math).

So something that interests me is this thing called The Tarot (pronounced ta-row). The Tarot is a deck of cards not too dissimilar from the regular 52. Like your standard deck of playing cards, The Tarot has four suits; although with extra set of 22. These extra cards are called the Trumps. This deck was originally used to play a game, also called Tarot, in Italy during the renaissance. Three centuries or so later, people are using these cards to read the future, or something like that.

I don’t remember exactly where I first learned about tarot cards, but the full version of the theme song of the show Scrubs has a line that goes, “that deck of tarot cards wont get you very far.” And to be perfectly honest, I think that’s what made me really look into it.

Basically, tarot reading was this b.s. sort of thing, where the “spirit” of the cards can translate messages of the future to the reader. While I find no basis in fact for the belief that these cards can ordain the future, I do find the psychological processes and the fabled concepts behind it quite intriguing.

So after reading on what this thing was, and how people do it, I decided to get a deck. While on vacation on Cape Cod, looking for a sort of basic deck, I bought one by the name of Rider-Waite. Today I have come to posses about 4 decks.

So just earlier, I was putting my first deck in order so that I could cross reference it with another. While ordering the Trumps, I reflected on each one, and realized that the cards very loosely told the story of the process of enlightenment (according to some), and sort of ends in a pseudo-Hindu afterlife with parallels to The 5 People You Meet In Heaven.  My reflections and comparisons are as follows, in numerical order, card by card. Enjoy.

  • 0.  The Fool: The Fool represents a fresh spirit, one which is free, unawares, and aloof. The Buddha taught that the spirit comes into the  world as a being thoroughly embedded in the entropy of the world. This is where the journey starts.
  • 1. The Magician: The Magician is a man seemingly fully capable and in-control.  After growing up, and coming out of the narrow world view that is childhood, we become adults; for the most part, fully functioning individuals.
  • 2. The High Priestess: This card stands for all that is mystical. As we move into adult hood, we see that there may be more to what we can see with our eyes. We then look for more in life.
  • 3 & 4. The Empress and The Emperor: These two cards represent the older, mother & father type rolls in out lives. After finding that there may be more to life than the everyday, we turn to seek guidance from those more experienced in life.
  • 5. The Hierophant: The Hierophant depicts a Christian religious figure, but stands for knowledge,  awareness, formality, tradition and beliefs. After turning for help along the path of life, we see that there are traditions that people have set and carried forth. Most of them are crazy, might I add.
  • 6. The Lovers: The lovers stand for dilemma and choices. A fork in the road of life. After exploring the spiritual traditions that one can choose from, needs to make some choices about which road they want to go down, or even if they want to choose bits and pieces and form their own.
  • 7. The chariot: The chariot represents conquest and that which is associated with warriors. It is a veritable battle field on the spiritual path. One must make their own way.
  • 8. Strength: Strength doesn’t mean physical strength, a better word would be courage, or greed. It represents primal emotions, and the drive in a person’s life. This is the drive that will help people to the path of enlightenment. It is what will make them seek truth.
  • 9. The Hermit: The Hermit is the man who seeks enlightenment, full time. He is the monk who seeks complete knowledge. This is the stage where we seek truth as we stride along on our path.
  • 10. The Wheel of Fortune. No, not like the game show, but rather the Karmic wheel that is ever spinning. Here is the attainment that we were seeking. At this stage we are, in a sense, actualized.
  • 11. Justice. Justice stands for evaluation and adjustment. Here we see what will come of our spirit. Depending on our karmic pasts, we may or may not move on.

Here is where I’ll stop. I know I said I’d do each card, but typing this is actually taking forever. I may carry this on in another post. We’ll see how that goes. Before I sign off, remember that most of this is nonsense, but it is none the less interesting.

Thank you and goodnight.


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