Artificial Sweeteners Will Kill You

I just realized that something really irks me. Some people see sugar and corn syrup as “unhealthy,” and some even go as far as to say they are dangerous. I’m not saying that sugar  (or corn syrup, which is the same thing when it comes to digestion)  is healthy, because it’s not. It’s just empty carbohydrates. Sugars are what humans (usually) gain most of their energy. This is why the good food pyramid had the “grains,” section as the largest portion.

That being said, while sugar provides carbohydrates, it provides no other nutriment. Other than that, it’s not going to hurt you. Sugar, and corn syrup, are not dangerous. Moderation will keep you on the safe here. Artificial sweeteners are contained in products like Sweet’N Low and Equal, which contain respectively Saccharine and Aspartame. Many of the artificial sweeteners that have existed, have proven to pose health risks. Even some of the artificial sweeteners that are sill around are thought to be dangerous. Some studies have shown that Aspartame is linked to arthritis. Moderation will keep you safer with these substances, but not completely in the clear.

Yes sugar can be dangerous in excess, but that is an extreme excess.  I put, at least,  3 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee. And I drink a lot of coffee. In contrast though, I don’t add sugar to much else. Neither do I consume an abundance of sugary foods. Having some sugar is going to cause but a negligible impact on your health.

There are some natural no-calorie sweeteners. These are compounds extracted from natural sources. An example is Stevia, which is sold as Truvia (I believe). These sweeteners are no-calorie, due to the fact that they provide no food energy, and contain no fat, sugar, or protein. These are a better alternative to artificial sweeteners, as they pose less potential for negative health effects.

In conclusion, I prefer regular cane sugar, but feel free to keep sipping away at that diet coke all day. There is a truly present danger, though it may not be extreme, it is there.

You have been warned.


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